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Gamma Correction [EP]

by Avensis

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Tommygetsallthegirls ~ "The EP is great. It's great because it's not of it's technicality, and it's definitely not "brutal", but because it's what the metal genre needs more of. Metal has kind of a brand on it for being completely ruthless and brutal. While that is very enjoyable to us metal heads, it kind of gives us a closed minded perspective. The reason I enjoyed this so much is because I feel like this is something all people can enjoy. It's heavy enough and djenty enough to have your typical djenterates bobbin' there heads, while still being something that doesn't sound gruesome to those who may not be as dedicated to the genre as we are. It's a stepping stone. It's good for the metal genre. It's good for exposure. This is everything that progressive metal is supposed to be about. Progressing. As a genre. And you did a great job of it. Keep up the good work. Get your work out there. Anyone can enjoy it. I was very impressed."


released September 5, 2011




Avensis Apalachin, New York

Avensis is a progressive metal band from Apalachin, NY. It is the personal music project of Alex Delaney.

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